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Feb 15, 2016
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10 Money Affirmations for Women Seeking to Attract Wealth – Part 1

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“Remember, either you control your money or it will control you.” – T. Harv Eker

If you are a woman that seeks to take control of your financial future by attracting wealth into your life, continue reading. We all want more money. We all want to get rich. More money means that you are not only wealthy, but, that you may live life in more abundance. Why is it that we all want to attract wealth? Despite the fact that there are millions upon millions of answers to this question, we will focus on the most common reasons:

  1. Money Equals Security
  2. Money Equals Contentment
  3. Money Equals Comfort
  4. Money Equals Ease
  5. Money Equals Living

While it IS true – contrary to popular belief –that money does not make one happy, the fact that it offers security, general contentment, comfort, ease, and living are all points that cannot be argued. If money results in so many positive experiences, why, then, are we not yet wealthy?

The secret is this:
If we feel, as women, that we do not possess what it takes to make money or that we deserve to get the money that we desire, we will NEVER attract wealth into our lives.

Limiting beliefs will always keep you from achieving success in attracting wealth in your life. You will become a hostage to those limiting beliefs and will find yourself consistently repelling wealth from your life. Your thoughts have the unique capability of ruining your finances. It will wreak havoc on your desire to attract wealth. You must BELIEVE to ACHIEVE. This brings us to our first affirmation for attracting wealth:


As a woman, your mind is consistently bombarded with a multitude of thoughts on a daily basis. If you have not yet reached the level of wealth that you desire, it is likely because you are always thinking about money and/or wealth in a negative fashion. Review examples of these negative thoughts below:

  • “I am so broke.”
  • “I will never make enough money.”
  • “Other people seem to attract money easily”.
  • “I am destined to be in debt.”
  • “I am a slave to the all-mighty dollar.”

Do any of these sound familiar to you? Yes, I am sure that you have thought these thoughts, or, close variations of these thoughts. If this is the case, stop! You must stop RIGHT NOW, or else, you will continue to attract money problems, debt, and will continue to be the slave for the all-mighty dollar forever.

However, if you start with the affirmation that you are able to attract money – like a magnet – and that wealth seems instantly drawn to you, you will quickly find yourself experiencing a higher degree of wealth! It is true – you ARE what you THINK. By learning to think like you would if you currently had wealth in your life, you are sure to attract that wealth!

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