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Feb 22, 2016
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10 Money Affirmations for Women Seeking to Attract Wealth – Part 2

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“If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.” – Wayne Dyer

Thank you for continuing our series, 10 Money Attractions for Women Seeking to Attract Wealth. Last week, you learned that you are not alone in your endeavor to obtain wealth. Money is more than just meaningless pieces of paper and cloth or metals. Money helps us to eliminate debts that drag us down. It helps us pursue our passions. It helps us live life in abundance. Last week, we expounded on the fact that money allows us to experience security, contentment, comfort, ease, and living. The first step to attracting wealth into our lives is to believe that we have what it takes to make money and that we deserve as much money as we want! If we believe this, money will come!

Last week, you were introduced to the first attraction that is necessary for your to attract wealth into your life. That is:

1. “I am like a magnet. I attract wealth. It is naturally drawn to me”.

The second affirmation for attracting wealth into your life is as follows:


If you are a woman that is consistently seeking and wanting to experience wealth, it is quite likely that you have found that money always seems to be just beyond your reach. As mentioned last week, we often think negative thoughts when it comes to money. Have you ever thought “Everyone seems to make money so easy, but me”? It is not at all uncommon for us to find ourselves thinking similar thoughts:

  • “Everyone else seems to have all the money they need, but not me….”
  • “I am always so broke. I never seem to have enough money….”
  • “Why do other people seem to attract money, and I don’t?”
  • “Am I destined to just be completely broke all of the time?”
  • “I have to work hard for my money and it never is enough….”

If you have thought or continue to think in any of these ways, you have to stop NOW. Believe it or not, even the smallest of thoughts that lean towards you not having enough money will manifest in your life. If you think you are always broke, will always be broke, and will never get rich, your thoughts will manifest into your life and you will be right! However, if you start transitioning your thoughts and believe that money is drawn to you and it comes to you in both expected and unexpected ways, you will find that it happens! Why allow yourself to continue to dream of wealth because of your negative mindset? Change your thinking, project those thoughts into the universe, and watch how the universe rewards you! The fact that you currently don’t have any money doesn’t matter. It is a case of mind over matter. The universe will listen to your mind and provide you with what you feel to matter!

“Lucky Bitch” Denise Duffield-Thomas teaches women all over the world how to take charge of their money, release old crap and become a powerful manifesting machine.  She has a free video course for all to follow! Download her Manifesting Cheat Sheet here.



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