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Apr 25, 2016
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10 Money Affirmations for Women Seeking to Attract Wealth – Part 10

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“In my experience, there is only one motivation, and that is desire. No reasons or principle contain it or stand against it.” – Jane Smiley

Thank you for joining us on our concluding installment of our series, 10 Money Affirmations for Women Seeking to Attract Wealth. In the past 9 weeks, you have learned many important points on attracting wealth into your life.

In this final installment, we want to express the fact that there is only one TRUE motivation in life. That is, as the opening quote states, desire.

If you are a woman that desires to achieve wealth and success, nothing will be able to hold you back from that which you desire. There is no reason, principle, challenge, or circumstance that will stand against or contain your desire.

For weeks now, you have been stating the following wealth affirmations:

1. “I am like a magnet. I attract wealth. It is naturally drawn to me.”
2. “Money is drawn to me. It comes to me in a variety of ways – both unexpected and expected.”
3. “I am consistently moved from the thoughts of poverty due to the abundant wealth that is present in my life to the thoughts of abundant thinking.”
4. “I am 100% worthy of making and having more money in my life.”
5. “I am 100% open and completely receptive to all of the types of wealth that life offers me.”
6. “Money is constantly flowing quickly and easily into my life.”
7. “I am 100% aligned with the immense energy of wealth abundance.”
8. “Everything that I do creates a constant level of prosperity in my life.”
9. “I consistently attract opportunities that attract massive amounts of wealth to me.”

Now, we add the 10th and final wealth affirmation that is sure to change the course of your life:


10. “My desire to achieve success is stronger than any challenge that may come. I get ALL that I desire.”

Life is a consistent road of twists, bends, and curves. There are times when we will travel uphill and times when we go downhill. We must trust our unique desire to continue driving forward. Despite the bends, hills, and roadblocks that we may stumble across, it is important to know and understand that it is up to US to continue to move forward.

True, we may – at times – have to back track, but, it must be for the purpose and intent of moving forward. Looking back is not a problem, as long as it is to learn ways to move forward. This is true when it comes to both our personal and professional growth. You are an amazing creature that may achieve success in all areas of your life.

By consistently repeating the money affirmations within this multi-part series, you are sure to experience wealth on many different levels. You will be a wealthy person in personal growth, experience wealth in your professional growth, and financial wealth!


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