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Mar 14, 2016
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10 Money Affirmations for Women Seeking to Attract Wealth – Part 4

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“Wealth is not about having a lot of money. It’s about having a lot of options.” – Chris Rock

In the past few weeks, you have learned a great deal about affirming money into your life with our multi-part series, 10 Money Affirmations for Women Seeking to Attract Wealth. Most people work diligently to obtain wealth. We have learned that money helps us to pursue our passion and lifts us up when debt drags us down. You have learned that money is a key component in our pursuit to an abundant life. If you think positively about money, you will have positive experiences with money. This week, you will continue to learn more affirmations that will leave you experiencing an abundance of wealth.

In the past few weeks, you were provided with the following affirmations:

  1. “I am like a magnet. I attract wealth. It is naturally drawn to me.”
  2. “Money is drawn to me. It comes to me in a variety of ways – both unexpected and expected.”
  3. “I am consistently moved from the thoughts of poverty due to the abundant wealth that is present in my life to the thoughts of abundant thinking.”

The fourth affirmation for attracting wealth into your life is as follows:


“I am 100% worthy of making and having more money in my life.”

As a woman, it is likely that you consistently battle thoughts. Many of these thoughts may be about money. It is natural for a woman to question whether or not they deserve to have money or if they are worth the money that they desire. Now that you have been working on money affirmations for several weeks, you can clearly see that the universe deems you worthy to have the money that you desire. As you have repeated these affirmations, day after day, you have likely found yourself getting more and more money quickly. If the universe considers you worthy, you should see yourself as worthy. Once you make this declaration to the universe, you will find that it is easy to obtain the wealth that you desire. Read over the following, repeat it, and think these thoughts on a regular basis:

  • “I am worthy to have the wealth that I desire.”
  • “I am worthy of enjoying a high level of financial abundance.”
  • “My knowledge makes me rich.”
  • “My skills and talents make me wealthy.”
  • “I am wealthy now and that wealth will continue to grow as I grow.”

Remember, when using money affirmations to acquire wealth, it is important to affirm that which you desire in the NOW. If you take this very important step, you will experience prosperity NOW. If you use affirmations that always pertain to the future, it is likely that you will always find that prosperity is just beyond your grasp. You are a wealthy woman. You must feel it know, know it now, and believe it NOW! If you do, you will attract all of the wealth that you desire!

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