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Apr 11, 2016
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10 Money Affirmations for Women Seeking to Attract Wealth – Part 8

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“We become what we think about most of the time, and that’s the strangest secret.” – Earl Nightingale

It is a known fact that, in order to create wealth, we must think about wealth; however, most do the exact opposite. We are all merely human. It is natural for us to focus on that which we do not have. As we age, we actually train our thoughts to think about that which we are lacking. We may also train our thoughts on other types of troublesome situations that are known to occur in life. Examples include the inability to pay our bills, the fact that we lack the funds necessary to do what we need or want to do, and similar situations. When our thoughts are focused on that which we lack, we often find that our struggle to make the ends meet in our life turns into a negative situation that detrimentally impacts us on a daily basis. If you focus on the negative, all of the mental and spiritual energy that you put into these thoughts will lead you to more scarcity. This is why you have been saying the following wealth affirmations on a daily basis, since you started this multi-part series:

  1. “I am like a magnet. I attract wealth. It is naturally drawn to me.”
  2. “Money is drawn to me. It comes to me in a variety of ways – both unexpected and expected.”
  3. “I am consistently moved from the thoughts of poverty due to the abundant wealth that is present in my life to the thoughts of abundant thinking.”
  4. “I am 100% worthy of making and having more money in my life.”
  5. “I am 100% open and completely receptive to all of the types of wealth that life offers me.”
  6. “Money is constantly flowing quickly and easily into my life.”
  7. “I am 100% aligned with the immense energy of wealth abundance.”

Now, we add the eighth money affirmation:

money affirmation no 8

8.       “Everything that I do creates a constant level of prosperity in my life.”

As mentioned in the opening quote that we included in this installment, we DO become what we most often think about. This IS a strange secret; however, if we grasp this secret, we may use it to our advantage. If you want to experience wealth, you must constantly think about wealth – not that which you feel that you currently lack. If you focus on what is lacking, you will continue to lack.

If you focus on abundance, you will start to experience abundance. Before you know it, you will find yourself in the midst of all that you have ever desired – and, more! If you are ready to change your wealth, all of the money affirmations that we have presented to you throughout this series will help you.

Success, therefore, does not lie in that which you do; ultimately, it lies in that which you think! If you “think” about abundance and wealth, it is wealth and abundance that you will have!

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