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Feb 1, 2016
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The Quick 5 Step Prosperity Challenge: How to Clear The Way To Success, Wealth and Happiness!

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How do you find peace? How do you become more successful? It is time to free yourself to open up to your own potential. This guide will help you unlock the chains of worry and release the negative energy in your life. Create space for growth and fulfillment.

5 step prosperity challenge - 1box1. Put All of Your Problems in a Box

Separate your beautiful self from your problems. Do you struggle financially? Do you have a pattern of having relationships with people you think you can change or “fix”? So often we come to view our own problems, issues or negative patterns as part of ourselves- we mistakenly think it is who we are. But this isn’t true and recognizing that can have a positive impact and help you change patterns of behavior that are holding you back.

I ran across Colette Baron-Reid’s strategy of using an “invision process” to create space between you and your problems or issues. Here’s the short version, you can do it right now and it is so helpful if you open your mind to the simple process.

    • Colette says to close your eyes, take a deep breath, and think about a problem or issue that troubles you (often a pattern – money troubles, bad relationships, etc)

  • Envision placing it in a box on the ground at the base of a high mountain
  • Imagine an elevator taking you up to the top of the mountain
  • Look down at the box
  • Notice how small it looks
  • Look around you and take in your surroundings


This exercise helps you gain “spatial distance” from your problem and you will feel yourself relax which can help you change your perspective. This can lead to positive changes. It seems so simple but it is incredibly effective. Empowered and intrigued by this concept? See what you can gain by learning from Colette Baron-Reid.

5 step prosperity challenge - 2embrace2. Embrace Your Turning Point

When you hit a turning point in your life, embrace it rather than deny it. Humans are creatures of habit. This is one part of being human that makes change difficult. It is also part of the reason why when faced with a sudden conflict, sometimes people meltdown. Why do some bounce back faster or find a new and better path while others fall apart?  Gregg Braden talks about the importance of resilience. And when he is talking about resilience he doesn’t mean the ability to bounce back to where you were, but having the ability to embrace a turning point and move forward with it in a new direction.

“A turning point emerges when a new force – a fact, a discovery, an experience – changes the way we address our course of events. What matters is that turning points of life may be spontaneous, or they may be created.” – ~Gregg Braden

Take for example someone who struggles with an alcohol addiction, is arrested for driving while intoxicated repeatedly, goes to jail and is forced to dry out. That is a major turning point. Resilience isn’t getting out of jail as quickly as possible to get back to the same lifestyle and choices. Resilience is being capable of embracing that turning point and making the choice to fight the addiction. But we have the power to create the turning points in our lives by setting transformation in motion when we know we are on the road to crisis, something simply isn’t working anymore, or we have the desire to achieve something new.

Braden’s online course can help you come to understand the power of turning points in your life.

5 step prosperity challenge - 3forgive3. Forgive Someone Who Hurt You

Listen closely. Holding on to resentment, anger, and hatred is pure poison. It will destroy you slowly. Forgiving someone who hurt you is hard sometimes. And when you have been wronged by another human in a way that caused you a great deal of pain and suffering it may seem impossible. Even if you can’t forget (or if you shouldn’t forget), know that forgiving someone in your heart is perhaps the most liberating action a person can take. It doesn’t mean that you should allow someone to continue to hurt you or that you are doing it to make the other person feel better.

When you forgive, and refuse to hold on to anger over being wronged, you are taking away another person’s power to hurt you more. By forgiving, you are essentially saying – I refuse to give you power over my life and my own happiness.

Dr. Wayne Dyer offers a few thoughts on this that will help you move towards forgiveness:

  • Accept what has happened as history, and allow yourself to move on by focusing on the present
  • Don’t go to sleep thinking about the negative – you should focus on your own positive energy and reinforce to yourself that you are at peace, that you will wake up refreshed, and refuse to use these last moments of your day thinking about who has troubled you
  • Don’t blame others for your emotions – accept that despite wrongdoing that you are in control of your own mental, emotional, and spiritual freedom to be at peace
  • Work to be kind rather than right – work to separate yourself from what has been said or done and allow yourself to respond in kindness to yourself by not absorbing and reacting negatively
  • Embrace your hard times as part of a larger schema, that you were meant to learn and grow from the experience

Dr. Dyer’s work has touched the lives of many and continues to do so after his passing.

5 step prosperity challenge -4routine4. Break the Routine of Being Yourself

Your brain does this thing – it gets comfortable with your existence. When you do the same things everyday and think the same way then you are settled into a routine. Basically you feel the way you think and feel the way you feel. Dr. Joe Dispenza explains that “thoughts are the language of the brain and feelings are the language of the body.” This can function in a negative way in the form of feelings of inadequacy, or feeling like your life is stagnant.

But you can harness this power for good. If you actively work to reframe your own thinking, then  your feelings will follow suit, and you can alter your own state of being and personality. You can achieve this by changing your actions, thoughts or feelings. Dr. Dispenza teaches that you can rewire your life by beginning to actively create your day.

Replace negative self talk with positive affirmations. Drive to work a different way. Clean out your car. Paint a picture on a piece of old wood instead of saying I’m not an artist. Instead of staring in the mirror and saying I’m overweight which leads to your overeating, tell yourself you are an active person who makes healthy choices and go for a walk after dinner instead of sitting on the couch. The thoughts lead to actions. The thoughts and actions lead to feelings. And as a result you begin to change the patterns within in your brain.

Dr. Dispenza’s work is rooted in neuroscience and developing a research based understanding of the human mind.

5 step prosperity challenge -5analyze5. Dig Deep and Analyze your own Specific Beliefs Surrounding your Goals

You need to take this step before you attempt to set a goal and make it happen.

Denise Duffield-Thomas emphasizes how crucial this practice is. By being honest with yourself and acknowledging what kinds of mental blocks you may have, you can open up a space to work on them. So how do you do it and why does it matter?

Consider your goal and why you haven’t reached it. In order to do that you have to be brutally honest and dig deep. Write down your thoughts and pay attention to what has influenced your thinking. If you want to be wealthy and you believe you can be, then why haven’t you made it happen?

Rather than blaming or rationalizing  by considering external factors (such as being off work for a few months after a surgery, or living during an economic downturn) think about the different voices in your mind concerning money.

  • lucky-bitch-portraitWere you raised to believe money is the root of evil?
  • Did you convince yourself you didn’t care about having money to mentally protect yourself growing up poor as a child?
  • Do you believe you were the black sheep of the family, destined to never be as successful as your siblings?

These are important and powerful questions and acknowledgments. Once you have identified them you can begin to do the mental work of removing these obstacles to make room for prosperity in your life.

Denise Duffield-Thomas has multiple resources to help you navigate your own realizations and pathways to success. Try her Money Blocks Webinar out for size

Remember that moving towards or coming into prosperity isn’t just about what you are taking in. It is also about what you are willing to learn about yourself and what you can let go.

Did you try any of these tips after reading this post? What practice was helpful for you?



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