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Abundance Masters

Are inspirational quotes sometimes not enough? Do you really wanna get ‘there’. We feel it’s most beneficial to Learn from a TRUE MASTER for tremendous growth. We’ve been studying for a while and have discovered the best spiritual gurus to learn from. Here are some of our favorites. We hope they help you too!

Bob Doyle

bob doyle portrait

Known for his appearance in The Secret, Bob Doyle has been practicing the law of attraction for almost 20 years. He’s helping people all around the world fill in the missing pieces so the law of attraction is effective.

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Stefan Pylarinos

stefan pylarinos spiritual master

Dedicating his life to helping everyone live a positive, productive, and balanced life, Stefan is knows as the ‘Spiritual Master’. At the tender age of just 17, Stefan started a journey of complete transformation.

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Winter Vee

Winter Vee

Winter Vee has a real passion for helping people. He believes that two negatives truly do make a positive and he has dedicated himself to help people find the positive in life. Let Winter help you discover your true power.

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Joe Vitale


Known as ‘Mr Fire’, Joe has been a Renowned Prosperity Expert for years. Also appearing in ‘The Secret’, he is an expert in helping others experience miracles. For over two decades, he has helped people attract good to their lives.

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Wallace D. Wattles

wallace d wattles

WAY back in 1903 our classic prosperity guru wrote the popular book ‘The Science of Getting Rich’ as well as lessons in prosperity. But it’s not all about money. He’s studied mentality, marital happiness, power of opportunity.

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