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Bob Doyle

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Bob Doyle

Bob Doyle is an individual that believes that the Law of Attraction is a solid means of obtaining that which you truly desire in life. He is best known for his appearance in The Secret; however, he gained an immense amount of popularity for the creation and release of his specially-designed curriculum, Wealth Beyond Reason. Mr. Doyle stands by the fact that his work surrounds the art and concept of self-expression. He believes that each of us should share who we truly are so that the universe provides us with that which we truly want, with little to no effort. He encourages those around him to play as big as possible without apologizing. In his words, “This is where passion lives….”

In the year of 2002, Bob Doyle found himself trapped in a corporate-based position that he had grown to despise; however, as a father of three, he had an immense level of personal and financial responsibility. Like so many before him, he was simply working to obtain money. Essentially, he was enslaved to a position that was detrimental to his spirit and his happiness simply because he aided in covering the expenses and care of his family – whom he loved to no ends. He recalls sitting at his desk and feeling as if his spirit was “drying up” and that he was “dying inside….”

It was at that point that Bob Doyle made a decision that would change his life forever…. He quit that job – despite not having any type of financial-based “safety net”. Despite this extreme measure, he always had some sort of personal development project lingering in the background of his life. He was bound and determined to make breakthroughs in his life that would take him from where he was to where he was meant to be. Once he experienced those breakthroughs, he wanted to share the principles and strategies that worked for him with others. It was at that point that he stumbled across an interesting concept which he actively pursued – that was, engaging in the act of “creating your own reality….”

Bob Doyle had a basic understanding of The Law of Attraction, but, not a solid understanding. It was at this point in his life that he faced numerous financial complications. While he never engaged in declaring bankruptcy or anything, he claims that he had LESS than no money; which, as you know, is an extremely dire situation. Finally, he reached a point where he inquired of the universe and started following his intuition. It was, at this point, when his life changed – for the better – forever. Now, he is sharing his secrets to success with anyone who has a desire for more! In addition to this, he will show you how to make strides in your personal and professional life! We all know that there has to be more to life than we are currently experiencing. Today, Bob Doyle confirms that and is personally dedicated to helping you discover the “more” to your life!

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