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Jun 29, 2016
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Bob Doyle’s iAttract LOA Program for Mobile Audio for only $4.99

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A condensed yet complete education on the
Law of Attraction and resistance for only $4.99!


With the iAttract program, we have taken the most essential information from our years of teaching and created one “pocket-sized” program you can take with you anywhere to integrate the principles of creating a life you truly love.

But iAttract is far more than just an information program! We have included powerful, experiential tools which are perfect for portable media players so that any time, any place, you can create one powerful transformative experience after another!

I’ve been teaching this material for so long, and I’ve done so in numerous formats – and over the years I’ve found better and better ways to get right to the point and tell you exactly what you need to know to have your “ah-ha” moments. It’s more or less my specialty – what I’m known for.

~Bob Doyle

bob doyle's iAttract law of attraction for mobile

Do this all on Your Mobile Phone

Bob Doyle’s iAttract does this over the course of seven modules in the precise order you need to make these principles work:

  1. The Law of Attraction and Resistance
  2. Deciding what you REALLY want
  3. Following Your Passion
  4. Release Techniques
  5. Visualization 
  6. Intuition and Inspired Action
  7. Invitation for Support

All of this in a tidy package for only $4.99!

Download Bob Doyle’s iAttract Program Now!



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