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Apr 27, 2016
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Joe Vitale Meditation – Attract Money Now

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Relax and Listen as Joe Vitale Helps you Attract Money!

Effortlessly program your mind to attract money with easy meditations based on the key principles of his own book  Attract Money Now. 

Each meditation is less than 11 minutes long.  You can do them whenever you like.  One a day is easy, and you can do a different one each day.

joe vitale meditationHere’s how it works.

  • You download the four 11 minute meditations.
  • You pick a quiet spot and choose one of the meditations.
  • You relax as Dr. Vitale gently leads you into a relaxed state of awareness, and then guides you into the experience of becoming a magnet for money.
  • You end after 11 minutes, stretch, smile, and go about your day (or just fall asleep, if you like).
  • You listen to the four different meditations whenever you want, in any order you want, doing one or more each day.
  • You then notice how you easily begin to see and act differently, as money begins to come to you.

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