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Aug 19, 2016
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Law of Attraction Experts Help Us Go from Penniless to Prosperous – Part 3

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We would like to start by thanking you for continuing our series, Law of Attraction Experts Help Us Go from Penniless to Prosperous.

In the past couple of weeks, we have expounded a bit on the Law of Attraction and how it can help us experience the abundance that we all secretly desire. Additionally, we have outlined two Abundance Masters – Bob Doyle and Stefan Pylarinos.

While most consider abundance to be financial-related, as in wealth; however, abundance far exceeds just having money. It is a state of being that is constantly and strongly connected to our internal source of energy and the outside universe. It involves being “rich” in numerous ways – having love, having money, being in good health, being successful, and experiencing joy.

For the purpose and intent of this series, we are placing an emphasis on financial abundance; however, it is important to understand that when you start experiencing abundance, it will come in all forms. This week, we will introduce you to the third Abundance Master – Joe Vitale.

joe-vitale-250Who is Joe Vitale?

Joe Vitale is a prosperity expert that has taken many that were penniless and helped them become extremely prosperous. He is an individual that specializes in developing marketing strategies, he is an author, a speaker, and an individual that is empowered with the knowledge of the secret that allows him to experience and obtain all that he desires from the universe. In fact, many call him “Mr. Fire”. He is widely known among many for the work that he does in the area of attracting prosperity by using the Law of Attraction. He gained the highest level of popularity for his work and contribution to the hit-movie on Law of Attraction, The Secret. By following the life, the work, and the teachings of Joe Vitale, you are sure to experience abundance as you never imagined you could….

Tools and Resources by Joe Vitale

There are many tools and resources currently available that were created by Joe Vitale. If you are ready to open yourself up to the universe and truly experience all that you were meant to experience, you must obtain these tools and resources for yourself. These will open up your world to infinite possibilities when it comes to prosperity AND abundance in other areas of your life:

  • Joe Vitale’s Clearing Audio – If you have not attracted all that you desire, you must remove hidden inner blocks. This is the only way to experience the results that you desire. This clearing audio tool will help you do that, and more!
  • Joe Vitale Meditation – Attract Money Now – This program includes multiple meditations that will relax you and help you reach the state of mind that is required to experience the monetary prosperity that you desire!
  • Joe Vitale’s Wealth 360 Program – It is quite likely that you have heard of the “Millionaire’s Mindset”. This includes a combination of mental power, intuitive power, emotional power, and soulful power – but, how do you obtain all of these powers? Let Joe Vitale teach you with this program!


“Our beliefs are creating our reality.” – Joe Vitale



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