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Aug 23, 2016
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Law of Attraction Experts Help Us Go from Penniless to Prosperous – Part 4

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The Law of Attraction is the unique ability to attract that into our lives that we focus on, regularly. In the past few weeks, you have learned this. We have outlined three Abundance Masters in this series – Bob Doyle, Stefan Pylarinos, and Joe Vitale. It does not matter how old we are, our nationality, or what religious beliefs that we hold, it is said that the laws which govern our universe affect each and every single one of us on a continual basis. These laws utilize the powers of our minds to transform the thoughts in our minds into reality.

The Law of Attraction, eventually, turns all of our thoughts into actual things. In this series, we have been placing a special emphasis on how the Abundance Masters may aid in the development of abundance in our lives.

While abundance may cover a variety of things – such as health, wealth, and happiness – for the purpose and intent of this series, we are focusing on abundance as it relates to wealth. The Abundance Master that we will cover this week is Wallace D. Wattles.

Wallace D WattlesWho is Wallace D. Wattles?

Wallace D. Wattles is known as a “New Thought” author. In the year of 1903, Mr. Wattles released a book called The Science of Getting Rich. In this book, Wattles outlines various steps that are considered to be necessary to get wealthy.

This book was so significant and proved to be so positive in the lives of those that read it that it was the inspiration behind the popular movie, The Secret. Wallace D. Wattles not only created this magnificent book; he also created ten cumulative lessons that were to be completed at the pace of once per month. Examples of the lessons that were included covered the mental-based side of obtaining wealth, harnessing the power of opportunities that life presents to you, and the positive impact of marital happiness on obtaining wealth.

If you have a desire to experience financial abundance, the tools and resources of Mr. Wattles will help you!

The Tools and Resources by Wallace D. Wattles

Apart from the book, The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles created The Personal Power Course eBook. This includes the ten lessons composed by Wattles to correspond with the book. As stated previously, the lessons build upon each other. In this eBook, you will learn the following lessons:

Lesson 1 – Fundamentals

Lesson 2 – The Physical Side of Health-Culture

Lesson 3 – The Mental Side of Health-Culture

Lesson 4 – The Physical Side of Wealth-Culture

Lesson 5 – The Mental Side of Wealth-Culture

Lesson 6 – The Development of Talent

Lesson 7 – The Retention of Youth

Lesson 8 – Marital Happiness

Lesson 9 – Special Application

Lesson 10 – Opportunity

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If you are ready to experience abundance – in terms of wealth – the tools and resources available by Wallace D. Wattles will help you reap massive financial rewards!

“If you are not happy in your work, you are a slave.”

-Wallace D. Wattles 



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