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Our Top 10 Resources for Personal Success and Empowerment

2016 personal-success - rocksWhat does it mean to live a good life? Do you wish you made more money to travel and see the world? Are you struggling with big decisions? It’s time to recharge and focus on giving yourself the right mindset to be successful, find your own calling, to flourish.

Do not underestimate the power of resources that are available to you. I was speaking to a group of students once, about motivation as a genre. I confessed that when I was younger and going through some difficult times, that I clearly remembered walking into a public library and carrying a stack of self-improvement books up to the counter (this was before the internet kids). I told them how self-conscious I was, looking over my shoulder to see if anyone I knew was around.

They laughed. But they understood. We are so conditioned to try and pretend like we don’t need any help. We let fear of how others will react to our ideas, dreams and goals, hold us back. But growth is a positive thing. We read recipes and take risks to learn how to cook. We watch videos to learn how to fix our washing machines without having to call a repairman. So it makes sense that we should open ourselves up to knowledge that can help us in the area of personal success, empowerment and achieving financial stability.

personal-success-thepleasureprescription-paulpearsall1. Do you feel that your life is desperately out of balance?

The late Dr. Paul Pearsall published a book in 1996, The Pleasure Prescription. This work focuses on applying the practice of Polynesian cultures to everyday living. The heart of the work is to slow down. To take pleasure and express gratitude for something as simple as eating your meal. While some may think the content is outdated, for me this text opened up my eyes to how a culture of always being in a rush, the hectic life of Western civilization, was having a negative effect on happiness. I say it’s a keeper.

2. Do you feel you have a greater purpose in life but struggle with honing in on what that purpose is?

Dr. Wayne Dyer was a celebrated author and motivational speaker who spent the better part of his life helping others explore and discover their own divinity. In his beautiful online video course Manifest Your Soul’s Purpose “you’ll discover that you are capable of using this divine intelligence to create the life you were destined to live, the power of forgiveness, and recognizing the light within.”

beth-mccain3. Do you need inspiration to help replace negative thoughts with positive energy?

Check out Beth and Lee’s Blog – Law of Attraction and Positive Thought for daily affirmations and inspiration. If you are not familiar with the Law of Attraction and the profound effects it can have on your life, sharing in this blogger’s experience may help move you in the right direction. Beth and Lee’s Blog received a Law of Attraction Leaders Award for 2015 from reader votes hosted by Jeannette Maw’s Good Vibe Blog .

secrets-of-the-millionaire-mind4. Are you ready to be more successful and achieve greater wealth?

T.Harv Eker has helped over 1.5 million people move closer to their financial goals. He says that being uncomfortable is essential for change, that when people search for comfort, they result is becoming complacent. Eker’s coaching style is straightforward and intense. He went from “zero to millionaire in only 2 ½ years.” That, my friends, is a guy worth listening to. Check out his book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind.

5. Do you need to break a cycle of unhealthy self-destructive behaviors?

The mind is an amazing part of who you are. It is possible to learn how your thoughts create your reality, break negative patterns, and harness the potential within your mind to produce more positive and healthier results.

Joe Dispenza is a uniquely intelligent and powerful human being who has experienced his own breakthroughs in the mind/body connection. I personally enjoy his soothing demeanor and the enormous amounts of ‘lightbulb!’ moments where the things he is teaching, just make sense.

With Making Your Mind Matter, Dr. Dispenza will take you through an 8 week online video course that will help transform your life by understanding and retraining your mind.

chris-martenson6. Are you concerned about your investments during a shaky financial forecast?

Do you want to make sure you are making moves that will not contribute to some of our biggest problems but help shape a better world? Chris Martenson and Adam Taggart recently published Prosper: How to Prepare for the Future and Create a World Worth Inheriting . Both authors have super interesting bios – Martenson, who holds degrees from both Duke and Cornell is a scientist and economic researcher. His experiences range from being an academic to Vice President of a Fortune 300 company. Adam Taggart holds an MBA from Stanford and was Vice President at Yahoo. Together, they have founded Peak Prosperity , authored this book, and are committed to a holistic approach to helping others prosper with an eye towards sustainability and resilience. .

brian-tracy7. Are you looking to boost your sales for your own business or the company you work for?

According to Brian Tracy, “no matter what you do for a living, you’re in sales.” And when you think about it, this makes perfect sense. Persuasion is perhaps the most important part of a success toolkit. Brian Tracy is someone from modest beginnings, who over time, has developed some of the most powerful sales materials and life coaching strategies on the market. There is a reason why some people are cashing out huge commissions or flourishing in their businesses while others struggle. And Brian Tracy uses years of analysis and experience from within the business to help others make their mark. He has a wonderful training kit here.

8. Struggle with adulting…you know the life insurance, asset protection stuff?

You’re not alone. Honestly if you come from a background of parents who did not prepare for these things, it can be even more intimidating. Suzie Orman has created a “collection of tools that will help take the worry out protecting you, your assets and your family.” Orman is consider one of the most influential women in the world of personal finance. This helpful collection will take the fear out of the process.

lucky-bitch-portrait9. Are you a woman who suffers from money blocks?

These are ideas about money and influences over your mindset that may be sabotaging your own success. It can happen to anyone and this is simply a mindshift that many women do not realize they need to make. Denise Duffield-Thomas knows how to help you reevaluate your own role in holding yourself back and break through those mental blocks. Check out her free webinar. If you’re really ready to clear money blocks and make changes in your life, she also has an intensive bootcamp.

“Making money and being happy are not mutually exclusive and they don’t have to be.”
~Denise Duffield-Thomas

10. Do you struggle with saying no, overcoming fears, and developing a strong sense of your own worthiness and self-esteem?

Last but not least, Authors Doreen Virtue and Nancy Levin are the featured speakers for a life changing retreat for women in Maui, Hawaii. Doreen holds multiple degrees in psychology, is an accomplished author, and world renowned clairvoyant. Nancy holds a masters in poetry, is an Integrative Coach and the creator of Jump! This retreat focuses on providing women a safe and supportive community to overcome fears, align with their desires and honor their worthiness. If its time to just think of yourself, and to “Cultivate Self-Love, Self Acceptance, Self-Compassion, Self-Forgiveness” a retreat is the perfect opportunity. What better place to do it than in Maui!

Remember you are capable of making changes towards positive growth in 2016.

We would love to hear from you. What is your plan for prosperity? What new goals have you set to live your best life?


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