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Dec 31, 2015
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Remember, either you control your money or it will control you

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-Remember, either you control your money or it will control you.- T. Harv Eker

“Remember, either you control your money or it will control you” T. Harv Eker

When it comes to money, there is a simple truth that everyone should know; either you control it, or, it controls you. Additionally, many believe that what you think, you are able to manifest. Now, this is more of a universal truth than a truth pertaining to money; however, it is a truth that may directly relate to the amount of money that you are able to possess. Notice that I used the word “manifest” when referring to your thoughts. In simple terms, “manifest” means to make possible. When used in this sense of your belief system, it indicates that you are able to make something possible when you think certain thoughts.

Does this mean, then, that is you attempt to think positive thoughts about controlling money that you may be able to successfully manifest money? That you may be able to simply make the money appear that you truly need?

The short answer to these questions is, “yes”.

Now, I know we have all wished for money….We have all wished to win millions….We have all wished to be financially stable. There is one thing that you need to understand right here and right now; that is, wishing is not the same as manifestation.

When we WISH for something, we focus our thoughts on that which has not occurred and probably never will occur. Our rational mind quickly tells our irrational mind that what we “wish” for is nothing but that – a simple wish. There is a method to transition your thoughts in such a way that you actually DO manifest those millions that you have always dreamed of possessing.

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